This beautiful warehouse was built in the 1800's and began its restoration journey over 12 months ago. The dismantle of the scaffold last month was a momentous occasion, revealing the craftsmanship and grandeur of the original building.



A distinctive colour scheme prior to work commencing...



The warehouse unveiled after the removal of a few coats of paint and then the scaffold.


Thanks to the guys at Mayo Magpie for the time lapse. 

Tallywalka Bridge

Last month one of our crews were lucky enough to escape the winter frosts and head West to work on the Tallywalka Bridge.

This was an impressive 175m long rail bridge, consisting of 24 hung scaffolds. The crew utilized the Layher ‘Allround System’ – minimizing components, weight on the bridge and man hours to build with a simple yet effective design. It was a solid effort, a project of which the Dunbar team is really proud!

Goulburn Uniting Church

Restoration works at the Goulburn Uniting Church have been a long-awaited project for many, with 3 years of collaboration between Dunbar Scaffold Hire, engineers, architects and the Church to see this project come to life. The local community have shown great support, with one passer by giving our Supervisor an image of the Church dating back to its original construction.

The design parameters were another of the many aspects which made this project so rewarding. The delicate slate roof of the church meant that nothing could be built around the rear of the spire, therefore the entire structure had to be self-supporting as the spire is to be demolished and re built.

Standing at a mighty 30m high and self-supporting, Dunbar Scaffold Hire is proud to see the first phase of this historical project handed over for the restoration works to commence.

Congratulations and well done to our team of talented scaffolders for taking this design from concept to reality!

Team work and problem solving

This custom solution was designed and built to enable access for emergency maintenance.
Our team put their heads together and rose to the challenge; coming up with this mobile, cantilevered and hung scaffold that was able to access any point along the bridge.

A quick response time and the professional delivery made for a very happy client.

A shout out should also go to mother nature for a break in the weather!
The perfect way to top off the week, smiles on faces and a blue sky!

Mobile, cantilevered and hung scaffold to enable emergency bridge maintenance.

Mobile, cantilevered and hung scaffold to enable emergency bridge maintenance.